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Joe R. McBride, UC Berkeley Professor of Forestry: An academic walk - February 28, 2007.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, (13th District, California) paying tribute to retired Councilmember Maudelle Shirek of Berkeley. Recorded December 6, 2005

Berkeley World Music Highlights This video of highlights is from the first years of the Berkeley festival, 2003-06. All the recording were made in the cafes, eateries and stores or on the sidewalks and streets of Telegraph Avenue....... and in the Park.<MORE>.

Unlike his namesake, the burlesquish Waste-More-Land fights all his battles within the U.S. Waste-More-Land, aka Thomas Dunphy, dismayed by what he believes the U.S. has become-- "a country of the rich, by the rich and for the rich"t. <MORE>


The IBDA Palestinian Youth Dance Troupe
Recorded in 1999 at the MLK Jr. High School in Berkeley in celebration of Indigenous People's Day. <MORE>

Belly Dancer Berkeley 2005
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